About Rotiboy®
Brief History

Rotiboy was founded in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia in 1998, driven by the Founder’s purpose in building an organisation that not only make life better for himself but also for the people and community around him.

The first Rotiboy was a neighbourhood bakery which baked fresh breads and loafs for household, kids to bring to school, cakes for birthdays celebrations, home-makers were our best friends.

In 2001 Rotiboy left Penang for the Klang Valley driven by the new ideas and concepts in the retail bakery industry in search for greater excellence and possibilities.

In 2002, driven by the freshly baked "one bun that rule us all", Rotiboy started the "Bun Revolution" that went global from 2003 starting from Singapore. To date, we have baked more than 400 million buns and still baking in our 200 over stores with presence in Indonesia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and China.

We anticipate that the future will bring us to shores of more Asian markets and also to the American and European markets.

The Brand Name

The name "Rotiboy" has its beginnings in the bond between the founder and his nephew. They are close ever since the nephew's birth in 1996, with the nephew crawling to the uncle's bed every morning and the uncle, sometimes drinking milk from his bottle. One fine day, the founder's brother was teasing his nephew by calling him "naughty-boy" and that inspired "Rotiboy". "Roti" means "Bread". Therefore, Rotiboy literally, means "Breadboy", a name very suitable for a bakery in multi-racial Malaysia.

The Bun Name
What started out as a brand name also evolved into the name of the "one bun that rule them all". Being unfamiliar with the bun that was new in the market, customers started to refer to the bun as "rotiboy" and eventually "rotiboy" was adopted as the name of the bun that brought us to where we are. To date, we have baked more than 400 million buns and we are still baking.
Our Customers' Versions
Filled with butter and topped with coffee flavoured topping, Rotiboy it is a bun like no other. Best when it is fresh from the oven, it has a crispy exterior and moist, soft insides, exuding a sweet beautiful aroma that seduces the masses to enjoy the "I tasted heaven...", "wonderful bun", "bundelicious" experience that no any other buns can deliver. Certainly, its unique taste and aroma have attracted various accolades such as "One bun to rule them all", "no other bun comes close..."

Rotiboy Branding Proposition

Bun of Bliss

Our Simple Product