Rotiboy Freshly Baked Buns

Almond CornSoft white bread topped with sweet corn and almond.

Health Concious Favourite  
Blueberry bunWhite soft bread with blueberry spread and buttersweet garnishing.

Kids Favourite  
Cheese StickSlightly sweetened bread with Chrispy Cheese strips.

Cheese Lover Favourite  
Chicken FlossSoft bread with mayo mix spread, topped and filled with chicken floss

Top Seller  
Chicken Ham LoafChicken loaf wrapped with soft white bread.  
Chocolate bunSoft chocolate bread filled with special chocolate cream with chocolate chip.

Kids Favourite  
CoconutWhite soft bread with Cooked coconut and brown sugar mix as filling.  
Coffee custardWhite soft bread with baked coffee cream and custard topping.  
Cream rollSlightly sweetened bread with vanilla cream / chocolate cream to go along.

Kids Favourite  
Crispy RaisinWhite soft bread topped with baked vanilla cream and raisins.  
Curry ChickenSoft bread with home cook chicken curry & potato recipe as filling.

Hot and Spicy  
Garlic breadWhite bread baked with garlic butter, sesame.  
Garlic CheeseWhite bread baked with garlic butter, sesame.  
KayaSoft roll filled with traditional caramel kaya (coconut custard)  
Oriental PizzaPizza topping: chicken sausage, mixed vegetable, onion, minced chicken, cheddar cheese, mayonaise and chilli sauce.

Top Seller  
Prawn SambalSoft bread filled with special prawn sambal recipe and bread crumb as topping

Hot and Spicy  
RedbeanSoft roll filled with redbean paste.  
SardineSlightly sweetened bread filled with special sardine mix.  
Sausage ChickenChicken sausage wrapped with soft white bread.

Kids Favourite  
Sausage mayoSoft white bread with chicken sausage slices and chilli sauce garnishing.  
Sausage VegeTwisted white bread topped with mixed vegetable, mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

Top Seller  
Sweet CornSoft roll filled with Sweetcorn and topped with egg custard.  
Tuna CheeseSoft bread filled with Tuna and topped with cheese and chili sauce  
Tuna PizzaMmmm Delicious...  
Wholemeal Tuna OnionWholemeal soft roll filled with tuna mix and onion. Also available in Sardine and Curry Chicken filling.

Health Concious Favourite