Freshly Baked Buns
<h3>Almond Corn</h3>&nbsp;Soft white bread topped with sweet corn and almond.
<h3>Blueberry Bun</h3>&nbsp;White soft bread with blueberry spread and buttersweet garnishing.
<h3>Cheese Stick</h3>&nbsp;Slightly sweetened bread with crispy cheese strips.
<h3>Chicken Floss</h3>&nbsp;Soft bread with mayo mix spread, topped and filled with chicken floss.
<h3>Chicken Ham Loaf</h3>&nbsp;Chicken loaf wrapped with soft white bread.
<h3>Chocolate Bun</h3>&nbsp;Soft chocolate bread filled with special chocolate cream with chocolate chip.
<h3>Coconut</h3>&nbsp;White soft bread with Cooked coconut and brown sugar mix as filling.
<h3>Coffee Custard</h3>&nbsp;White soft bread with baked coffee cream and custard topping.
<h3>Cream Roll</h3>&nbsp;Slightly sweetened bread with vanilla cream / chocolate cream to go along.
<h3>Crispy Raisin</h3>&nbsp;White soft bread topped with baked vanilla cream and raisins.
<h3>Curry Chicken</h3>&nbsp;Soft bread with home cook chicken curry & potato recipe as filling.
<h3>Garlic Bread</h3>&nbsp;White bread baked with garlic butter, sesame.
<h3>Garlic Cheese</h3>&nbsp;White bread baked with garlic butter, sesame, and cheese.
<h3>Kaya</h3>&nbsp;Soft roll filled with traditional caramel kaya (coconut custard).
<h3>Oriental Pizza</h3>&nbsp;Pizza topping: chicken sausage, mixed vegetable, onion, minced chicken, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and chilli sauce.
<h3>Prawn Sambal</h3>&nbsp;Soft bread filled with special prawn sambal recipe and bread crumb as topping.
<h3>Raisin Twist</h3>Braided soft bread, topped with raisins.
<h3>Redbean</h3>&nbsp;Soft roll filled with redbean paste.
<h3>Sardine</h3>&nbsp;Slightly sweetened bread filled with special sardine mix.
<h3>Sausage Chicken</h3>&nbsp;Chicken sausage wrapped with soft white bread.
<h3>Sausage Mayo</h3>&nbsp;Soft white bread with chicken sausage slices and chilli sauce garnishing.
<h3>Sausage Vege</h3>&nbsp;Twisted white bread topped with mixed vegetable, mayonnaise and chilli sauce.
<h3>Sweet Corn</h3>&nbsp;Soft roll filled with sweet corn and topped with egg custard.
<h3>Tuna Cheese</h3>&nbsp;Soft bread filled with Tuna and topped with cheese and chilli sauce.
<h3>Tuna Pizza</h3>&nbsp;Mmmm Delicious...
<h3>Wholemeal Tuna Onion</h3>&nbsp;Wholemeal soft roll filled with tuna mix and onion. Also available in Sardine and Curry Chicken filling.