<h3>Almond Raisin</h3>&nbsp;White bread rolls topped with baked almond slices and sugar.
<h3>Banana Loaf</h3>&nbsp;Banana flavoured loaf of bread.
<h3>Butter Raisin Roll</h3>&nbsp;Raisin loaf with butter taste.
<h3>Cheese Raisin</h3>&nbsp;Mmmm Delicious...
<h3>Cheese Roll</h3>&nbspWhite rolls covered with cheese strips, and slightly sweetened with sugar topping.
<h3>Chocolate Roullette</h3>&nbsp;Chocolate loaf with chocolate chip.
<h3>Coffee Raisin Loaf</h3>&nbsp;Loaf flavoured with a combination of coffee and raisins.
<h3>Dinner Roll</h3>&nbsp;Empty white rolls.
<h3>Hotel Bread</h3>&nbsp;Milk and butter flavoured loaf.
<h3>Orange Loaf</h3>&nbsp;Bread flavoured with fragrant orange.
<h3>Pandan Raisin</h3>&nbsp;Pandan flavoured bread with raisins.
<h3>Potato Bread</h3>&nbsp;Potato flavoured loaf topped with custard.
<h3>Sesame Loaf</h3>&nbsp;Bread with sesame seeds.
<h3>Walnut Raisin</h3>&nbsp;Raisin & walnut loaf.
<h3>White Sandwich Loaf</h3>&nbsp;Classic and delicious white bread.
<h3>Wholemeal Raisin</h3>&nbsp;Wholemeal bread with raisins.
<h3>Wholemeal Redbean</h3>&nbsp;Wholemeal bread flavoured with redbean.
<h3>Wholemeal Roll</h3>&nbsp;Wholemeal rolls of bread.
<h3>Wholemeal Sandwich Loaf</h3>&nbsp;Tasty wholemeal bread.