Hiro Tan - Founder & Leader Of the Rotiboy Bun Revolution

Hiro Tan is the Founder, Managing Director of Rotiboy Bakeshoppe Sdn Bhd. A Penangite who graduated from the University of Malaya, he has journeyed through a rough road to success. His first venture into the fresh mushroom business did not succeed but provided two valuable lessons. Never venture in to a business when , 1. One does not have proper expertise in that business and 2. One does not have sufficient ready funding for the business.

A short but enriching stint of 9 months with Prudential Assurance enhanced Hiro's understanding about human values, about doing the right thing.

Training as a Station Manager for Singapore Airlines in 1991 ended in " disaster " but also made Hiro aware of the intricacies of Excellent Customer Service. Meeting challenges and exceeding expectations becomes a natural and indispensable trait and commitment. One significant effect of the " disaster " is the realization of what human compassion and corporate compassion means and that is one value that is very evident in Rotiboy's human resource policies.

Starting Rotiboy in 1998 is the beginning of a long and challenging journey to realize a dream which is to create an organization that will bring about positive difference to the people around him. Embarking on this journey would not have been possible without the assistance his elder sister who provided all recipes and most importantly the rotiboybun and his younger brother who is actively assisting him.

After 4 years in the wilderness, including the migration from Penang to Kuala Lumpur in 2001, by GOD's grace and some kind human souls, the dream started to bear fruit when the first store in Kuala Lumpur, funded by loans and proceeds of his brother's car, started to sell more and more buns leading to commencement of operations in Singapore ( 2004 ), Surabaya ( 2004 ), Jakarta ( 2005 ), 2006 ( Bangkok ), Seoul ( 2007 ), Taiwan ( 2008 ).

Hiro Tan is all about passion, focus, perseverance, determination and undying commitment. Today, Hiro Tan is about achieving success without compromising on his values, creating wealth to be shared with his colleagues, accepting development without destroying the planet, yielding power with great compassion. Most of it all, Hiro Tan is about making a positive difference to the people around him.

Noble intentions that may not be fully achievable but then again, everything starts with a dream and an intention, don't they?