Healthy Wholesome Buns & Pastries at Your Delight

Signature Rotiboy BunButter filling and coffee flavored topping, it is a bun like no other. Best when it is fresh from the oven, it has a crispy exterior and moist, soft insides, exuding a sweet beautiful aroma that seduces the masses to enjoy the " I tasted heaven.. ", " wonderful bun " , " bundelicious " experience that no any other buns can deliver. Certainly, its unique taste and aroma have attracted various accolades such as "One bun to rule them all".. " no other bun comes close... " Freshly Baked Buns All Rotiboy buns are made from only the freshest dough using our own recipes, with a wide range of sweet & savoury toppings and fillings; they will sure spice up your life, or sweeten your heart.Cakes Be it for grandma's birthday, dad and mum's anniversary or just a simple farewell celebration, a Rotiboy cake would allow you to fully express what's in your heart. Rotiboy cakes, truly "expressions of the heart "
Cookies Rotiboy's home-baked recipe cookies are for every occasion. Most of our friends' favourite is the Chocolate Almond cookies; saying that the chocolate flavor is so rich yet light feeling. You have to try to know what they mean. LightmealsAt Rotiboy bakery cafe, we have fresh salads and a range of gourmet toasted sandwiches on the menu for you to select your type of fresh breads and fillings as your meal. Only available in Rotiboy cafe bakery stores. MuffinsThese fresh baked muffins come individually wrapped and ready to eat. While you might be tempted to eat them just for the taste, you will actually be feeding your body a healthy treat.Puffs and Pastries With our own recipe, the pastry chef artfully blend the taste to perfection, with the local savory taste like sardine, chicken curry creates a pastry that is east meets west.
Loaves and Rolls Great bread is our passion. We bring you healthier choices like wholemeal loaves and dinner rolls to be served on table where great stories are shared over meals.On The Go Sandwichs It's simple, easy and fast be it for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, or a quick, low calorie dinner.