Rotiboy Loaves and Rolls

Almond RaisinWhite bread rolls topped with baked almond slices and sugar.  
Butter Raisin RollRaisin loaf with butter taste.  
Cheese RaisinMmmm Delicious...  
Cheese RollWhite rolls covered with Cheese strips, and slightly sweetened with sugar topping.

Top Seller  
Chocolate RoulletteChocolate loaf with chocolate chip.  
Dinner RollEmpty white rolls.  
Hotel BreadMilk and butter flavoured loaf

Top Seller  
Potato BreadPotato flavoured loaf topped with custard.

Top Seller  
Walnut RaisinRaisin & walnut loaf

Top Seller  
White Sandwich LoafWhite Sandwich Loaf  
Wholemeal RaisinWholemeal loaf with raisins.

Health Concious Favourite  
Wholemeal rollMmmm Delicious...  
Wholemeal Sandwich loafWholemeal sandwich loaf

Health Concious Favourite